Elio LoRusso for Alderman of Ward 1, Somerville, MA.

Dear Ward 1 Resident,

mini_Elio-Family_Somerville-Times.pngMy name is Elio LoRusso. I am candidate for Alderman of Ward 1 and humbly request your support on Tuesday, November 7th!

As a life-long resident of East Somerville, I have a true and unwavering sense of appreciation and loyalty to this city and my fellow residents.

As a child, I watched my parents, both immigrants seeking new opportunities in America, realize their potential in Somerville as small business owners. My father's company, Somerville Ornamental Iron Work, opened in 1969 and is still thriving at its original East Somerville location.

I attended and graduated from three great schools in the area: Little Flower School in East Somerville, Malden Catholic High School and Suffolk University. After earning my B.A. in Criminal Justice from Suffolk University, I entered into the family business with my father and today I successfully run the nine-person company. I am extremely proud of our status as a leader in the ornamental iron works industry.

Now residing at 11 George Street with my wife, Juscelia, and my daughter, Mariagabriella, I have had the privilege of watching our neighborhoods and city rapidly evolve. As we grow as a city, our constituent services must grow, as well.

So many issues simply must be addressed: smart economic development, affordable housing, rodent issues, public safety, elder services, traffic issues and veterans care to name a few. As an experienced businessman, I have the management experience, analytical mind and integrity necessary to fight for the best interests of each and every resident.

I know that it is the people who live in this city that make it so special. You deserve an Alderman who will represent you and your best interests. You deserve an Alderman who will work tirelessly to make Somerville the best place to live, work and raise a family. As your Alderman, I will deliver a transparent and effective government for all.

As I walk through our neighborhoods, I hope to meet with you. I welcome the opportunity to personally introduce myself, answer your questions, note your concerns, and prove myself to be the best candidate for your next Alderman of Ward 1!

It would be an honor and a privilege to receive your vote on election day!
Thank You for your time.

Vested in Ward 1,

Elio LoRusso
Candidate for Alderman in Ward 1
For a ride to the polls, call 617-776-2739